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Republicans are FOR Vaccines but AGAINST Vaccine Mandates

Here in Santa Clara County we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the nation, if not the world – all WITHOUT a vaccine mandate. If you make vaccines available and accessible, and you give people the information they need, they will make the best decisions for themselves and their families. This article gives very good points on all the reasons a free society does not FORCE Vaccines or Vaccine Passports – Highlights: Mandatory vaccination has no place

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San Jose Residents, Learn About Opportunity Housing

San Jose Residents: Learn about Opportunity Housing Zoom events on 4/12, 4/15, and 4/22 at 6:30pm! These FREE ZOOM COMMUNITY MEETINGS will have a panel of City staff, a group opposing, and a group supporting the measure. Get the Zoom registration links here: San Jose SVGOP Members, Please attend all three meetings to support voices in opposition to this measure. Background The San Jose General Plan 2040 (GP2040) is the blueprint of how San Jose will grow in the future.

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Boards & Commissions

Board & Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County You are never too old or too young to serve – Apply today! Citizens who are retired typically have far more time to participate in local government than during their working years.  Many of the talents and experience gained from years of working bring expertise to local government.  Some boards and commissions actually address senior issues and specify that applicants must be senior citizens. On the flip side, both Santa Clara County

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Don’t Nuke Neighborhoods in San José

Did you know that an advisory panel in San José has recommended the elimination of single-family home zoning on neighborhood streets away from major boulevards and transit? This betrayal of the families in those neighborhoods contravenes the Envision San José 2040 General Plan that was adopted after much civic input. This so-called “Opportunity Housing” concept also contravenes common sense. The SVGOP supports more infill housing along major boulevards and close to transit stations. That makes sense. It doesn’t make sense

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