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“Opportunity Housing” De-Zones Single Family Neighborhoods

Single family home zoning and ownership is under attack by Democrats at every level: Senate Bill SB9 has passed the State Senate and is now before the State Assembly. If SB9 were approved, it would allow two units within each single-family lot within your city without a hearing or environmental reviews. And with accessory dwelling units and junior dwelling units, or ADUs and JDUs, you could effectively have six families living on each of today’s lots. San José 2020 Task Force proposes the same,

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Last chance to oppose AB101

Assembly Bill 101 was recently passed in the State Assembly and is now making its way through the State Senate, with a major vote coming up as early as this week (the bill was referred to the State Senate’s Committee on Education, but the hearing was postponed). AB101 will force students to take a course of Ethnic Studies before graduating from California public and charter high schools. We now have a great opportunity to tell our State Senators our thoughts on this bill and

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CAGOP Launches Election Integrity Day in Santa Clara County

June 15th kicks off election integrity awareness We encourage all citizens to engage in California’s election process by checking your voter registration, signing up to volunteer as a poll observer, and more! CA Election Integrity is our hub for people to get involved and find resources to stay educated and up to date. Partnering together we can secure our elections! Our Democracy works when people have full faith in our elections. Help protect election integrity, apply to be a Poll worker, contribute to the

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San Jose Residents, Learn About Opportunity Housing

San Jose Residents: Learn about Opportunity Housing Zoom events on 4/12, 4/15, and 4/22 at 6:30pm! These FREE ZOOM COMMUNITY MEETINGS will have a panel of City staff, a group opposing, and a group supporting the measure. Get the Zoom registration links here: San Jose SVGOP Members, Please attend all three meetings to support voices in opposition to this measure. Background The San Jose General Plan 2040 (GP2040) is the blueprint of how San Jose will grow in the future. It currently allows for

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Action Alert: De-Politicize Major League Baseball

From our Friends at 75M & Rising We applaud Georgia’s new election legislation, and we are dismayed to see boycotts from Delta, Coca-Cola, the MLB Players Association, and Hollywood. Without reading the bill or understanding how Georgians see election integrity, these organizations seek to shame, cancel and punish Georgia. Our friends at 75M & Rising has an Email & Letter writing campaign focused on changing the minds at Major League Baseball (MLB). As an American cultural icon, MLB should stay out of politics. Let’s

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Action Alert – Oppose Critical Race Theory in our schools

We need your help by Wednesday March 17. The State Board of Education had two years to build an inclusive, constructive Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) and they have failed. The 4th draft being voted on this Thursday 3/18 is still based on a Critical Race Theory (CRT) framework. Please do two things: Email the State Board of Education ( with your opposition (sample short email below) Call the Governor’s office during business hours at (916) 445-2841 and leave a message Subject: VOTE NO on

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