Santa Clara County Republican Party


District Title First Name Last Name Alternate First Name Alternate Last Name
1   Wendy Brukwinski Colleen Conger
1   Michele Dexter  Hai  Bui
1   Nathan Mallamace    
1   Linda Rost  Bonnie  Williams
1   Jim Russell Manny Bandahl
1   Karl Ryan Rowena Turner
2   Shane Patrick Connolly    
2   John Crossman Ron Rickard
2   David Westerman Patrick Hanks
3   Khanh Hoang Mary Ann Hsieh
3   David Mac    
3   Mayvid MacLay    
3   Jim Zito    
4   Jeff Stanley  Xiaofeng Ma
4   Michael Rodgers Carol Pefley
4   Michael Snyder Ardis Jackson
4   Jan Soule Larry Maloney
4   Robert Varich    
5   Luis Buhler Sayed Huseini
5   Vito Dimucci Sue Bozzini
5   Jayne Ham    
5   Chuck Page    
5   John Ruckstuhl Joanne Barr
10th CA Sen   Paul Pimentel Dee Buhler
13th CA Sen Dr. Alexander Glew    
15th CA Sen   Robert Howell Lisa Marshik
17th CA Sen   Vicki Nohrden Stephanie Shoquist
16th Cong   Peter Ohtiki  Isai  Lopez
18th Cong   Peter Hernandez  Peter  Soule
19th Cong    Jeff  Gorman Chris  Hagge
23rd Assy   Tim Dec Badri Sridharan
24th Assy   Bob Brunton    
25th Assy   Tedd Stroll Himat  Baniwall
26th Assy   Tim Gorsulawsky Roger Riffenburgh
28th Assy   Elizabeth Lawler Joshua Moss
29th Assy   Stephanie Castro Robert Aguirre
CA Controller   Lanhee Chen Don Hsieh


Alternates Members of SVGOP Committee

Alternates are appointed by Elected Members and Ex-Officio Members to represent them at meetings in their absence. If you are a committee member, then you may download the form, sign it, and have your alternate sign it. Please send it to


Alternate Form

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