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SVGOP Values

The Santa Clara County Republican Party (SVGOP) promotes a vibrant, prosperous, and safe California. We envision a California defined by a robust, growing, and world-class economy. We want strong and healthy families. We demand responsive local governments that serve all people while protecting individual liberty. 

We stand for the values that made America the most successful nation in the history of the world and are symbolized by the American flag. We honor the people and institutions that enabled our success and respect and cherish the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

We believe the government is meant to serve the people, including by protecting free speech, respecting private property, protecting individuals and minorities from mob rule, and following due process. Most of all, we believe in freedom and individual liberty.


SVGOP Bylaws

Freedom Party

We’ve been America’s Freedom Party since our founding as the abolition-of-slavery party in 1854. That’s why we’re known as the Grand Old Party or GOP. As such, we conduct political activities to elect Republican candidates and re-elect Republican incumbents who embody these values. They recognize that government is solemnly charged with crafting long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes. We pledge to hold our government responsible for securing the safety of our families, for expanding our world-class economy, and for promoting fairness and justice for every California citizen.

We welcome your voice in our efforts to improve Silicon Valley. We have many events and volunteer activities. We invite you to join us!

To learn more, see the California GOP bylaws and platform.

CAGOP Bylaws and Platform


Chairman Shane patrick connolly

Shane Patrick Connolly is the chair of the SVGOP. As a leading member of the local Republican Party, he is active at the local and state level.

Shane Patrick Connolly
Jeff Stanley

Vice Chairman Jeffrey Stanley

Jeff Stanley performs the Vice Chair duties of the SVGOP in charge of fundraising. 

Secretary and trEasurer Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Alexander Glew is the Secretary/Treasurer of the SVGOP.  He is an active member of his community, a member past director of the Los Altos Rotary Club, a past Los Altos Design Commissioner and Chair, and Secretary of  SPARCGOP.  Dr. Glew was a top two candidate for CA Senate District 13 in Nov. 2020 and currently a top two candidate for CA Senate District 13.

Portrait of Alex Glew

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