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SVGOP Podcast # 4: Democrats attempt to intimidate and silence opposition

Partial Transcript Two Democratic state senators, Ben Allen of Redondo Beach, and Josh Newman of Fullerton–who went through a recall election himself in 2018, are carrying measures they say are needed to reform the recall process. If enacted, future recalls of California’s elected officials will be less likely. Senate Bill 663 would allow the Governor’s supporters to gain access to the recall campaigns lists of the recall petition signers and try to persuade them to remove their signatures. Current law allows only election officials

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Recall Newsom

Top 5 Reasons To Recall Gavin Newsom

A RECORD OF INCOMPETENCE (1) Rules for you, not for me While Governor Newsom mandated Californians to shelter at home, he violated his own safety orders and partied with a dozen friends and lobbyists at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in Napa. Governor Newsom then lied about it until photos were released showing him there… indoors, seated next to his guests, all without masks (2) No leadership, No solutions Gavin Newsom said homelessness was going to be a top priority, but California has the

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SVGOP Podcast #2: Tech Censorship & Recall Campaign

Partial Transcript We are witnessing various heavy-hitting Democrats joining the recall effort against California’s Governor Gavin Newsom. This is a movement that has been able to gather more than 1.2 million signatures in seven weeks. While the California Democrat Party claims the recall effort is being organized by white supremacists and conspiracy theories. As more and more everyday Democrats join the recall, the Progressive Democrat machine is very worried this will be a repeat of the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election where Democrat Governor

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SVGOP Podcast #1: Gavin Newsom Finally Worried

Partial Transcript On March 16th, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Governor Newsom. During this interview the Governor attempted to relate and empathize with California parents. The Governor was successful in managing to spark outrage amongst parents who have been deeply affected by the COVID lockdown. The Governor, during the interview, called himself a Zoom parent while it is factually known that his children returned to in-person classes in November at the elite Sacramento private school they attend. You can hear Jake Tapper agree with the

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Someone is finally getting worried! By Wendy Brukwinski, SVGOP Central Committee Member Do NOT sign anything! The recall signature gathering window ended March 17. Once the signature verification is certified, there’s a 30-day window where your signature can be invalidated by signing a petition to withdraw it, so don’t sign anything else to do with the Newsom recall! Petitioners will be out in force trying to get you to sign the “Supplemental Signature Withdrawal”. The Latest Info Recall organizers announced 2,116,853 signatures had been

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