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Someone is finally getting worried!

By Wendy Brukwinski, SVGOP Central Committee Member

Governor Newsom finally started lifting his draconian lockdowns – do you suppose he got the message that Californians have had enough and won’t take any more? Now we wait for the signature verification effort to complete and the Lt Governor to announce when the recall election will be held. 

Do NOT sign anything!

The recall signature gathering window ended March 17. Once the signature verification is certified, there’s a 30-day window where your signature can be invalidated by signing a petition to withdraw it, so don’t sign anything else to do with the Newsom recall! Petitioners will be out in force trying to get you to sign the “Supplemental Signature Withdrawal”.

The Latest Info

  • Recall organizers announced 2,116,853 signatures had been submitted.
  • As of March 20, 1,454,710 signatures have been processed by the counties, with 1,188,073 signatures shown to be valid so far (81.67% validity rate). 
  • Of the 662,143 remaining signatures to process, Recall organizers only need 46% (307,636) of those to be valid for the Recall to reach the threshold (1,495,709) and trigger the special election.


The Registrars of Voters all over the state are meticulously scrutinizing signatures for validity.  Rejection rate for ballots from the November 2020 Election was 0.4%. Rejection rate for Recall signature verification is >13%. But even at this rejection rate, there are plenty. So it’s time to settle on our candidate – will another Governator jump in the race?

Join Us!

  • In short, this Recall election is on track to qualify, giving California voters their chance to end the failed Governorship of Gavin Newsom this year. 
  • The California Republican Party has now crossed the 56,000-volunteer mark. That is a 32% jump from the day after Election Day 2020.

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