Top 5 Reasons To Recall Gavin Newsom

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(1) Rules for you, not for me

While Governor Newsom mandated Californians to shelter at home, he violated his own safety orders and partied with a dozen friends and lobbyists at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in Napa. Governor Newsom then lied about it until photos were released showing him there… indoors, seated next to his guests, all without masks

(2) No leadership, No solutions

Gavin Newsom said homelessness was going to be a top priority, but California has the highest poverty and homeless rates in the nation under his leadership. Even before the pandemic, California had over 150,000 homeless people, accounting for more than 20% of the homeless population in the entire country, and California’s homeless crisis continues at record levels.

(3) Lies & Deception

Six million California students haven’t been able to learn in-person under Governor Newsom’s school lockdowns. Governor Newsom wanted to sound sympathetic by saying quote –“I have four young kids myself. I’ve been living through Zoom school and all the challenges related to it.” But the truth is Governor Newsom’s kids are in private school and have been going to school for in person learning since the fall.

(4) Fraud & Incompetence

Gavin Newsom’s administration is under investigation for sending out over $30 billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits. Even inmates on death row received unemployment checks, while one million Californians with legitimate unemployment claims haven’t received their checks.

(5) Unequal treatment of small businesses from big businesses

Under Gavin Newsom’s extreme lockdowns, more than 19,000 California businesses have closed, and millions of Californians lost their jobs, leaving California with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.


California’s shuttered businesses, sky-high unemployment, deteriorating unemployment department, shrinking population, devastating homeless crisis, and failing education system that is punishing students and parents through its union-first virtual schooling. 

Vote “YES” to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom

For MORE reasons, see our Recall Flyer

To download as PDF, click here.

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