SVGOP Podcast #3: Bleak Future for Our Students

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SVGOP Podcast, Episode 3

Legal Bribery & Bleak Future for Our Students

In this edition we cover Governor Newsom’s granting of lucrative, no-bid contracts to his campaign donors even as efforts to recall him are underway. Teacher unions are dragging their feet on reopening schools while millions of California students continue to fall behind in Zoom class. California Governor recall update. Almost there.

Partial Transcript

Governor Newsom continues to grant lucrative, no-bid contracts to his campaign donors even as efforts to recall him are underway. According to recently released contract documents, Newsom’s Administration awarded over $221M no-bid contracts within the last 4 months. He used his COVID-19 emergency powers to authorized massive healthcare contracts to companies who have donated to his campaign, and he held back details from the public about a $990M contract for masks to a Chinese based manufacturing contract whose president donated to his campaign.

Newsom serves at the beck and call of Teachers Unions who are dragging their feet on reopening schools, making unreasonable demands such as free childcare for their own kids. Meanwhile the students they serve are falling behind. Analysis by the LA Times show that only 37% of Elementary Schools students have the option to return to in-person learning (19% for middle school and 20% for high school.) California continue to rank last in education and 1.1M students who are considered English-as-a-second-lanuage-learners are the ones hurt most.

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