SVGOP Podcast #1: Gavin Newsom Finally Worried

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SVGOP Podcast, Episode 1

Gavin Newsom Finally Worried

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom attempted to relate and empathize with California parents only to have it blowup. The Governor is also worried about his future prospects in politics as he witnesses how California’s Democrats are not happy with his performance as Governor. So how does he handle it? As we expected.

Partial Transcript

On March 16th, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Governor Newsom. During this interview the Governor attempted to relate and empathize with California parents. The Governor was successful in managing to spark outrage amongst parents who have been deeply affected by the COVID lockdown. The Governor, during the interview, called himself a Zoom parent while it is factually known that his children returned to in-person classes in November at the elite Sacramento private school they attend.

You can hear Jake Tapper agree with the Governor how brutal it is. The video of Jake Tapper’s 10 minute interview with the Governor can be found online. The portion causing outrage seems to have been scrubbed and removed from CNN. The clip you heard is from part of a segment reported by Fox News. Governor Newsom’s office also confirmed the Governor’s four children returned to in-person instruction in late fall and are in classrooms now. This admission was in response many the questions about his misleading statements implying they are in distance learning.

Currently, six million school children haven’t been able to attend in-person school under the Governor’s current strict guidelines, and yet Newsom’s children have had the privilege to return to in-class education. More and more Californian’s are becoming tired of the Governor’s continued hypocrisy. This is one of the many reasons the effort to recall the Governor has been so successful with over 2 million signatures gathered within a short period of time. It seems the Governor has been a strong advocate for safely getting kids back to California elite schools for in person for instruction. And he was successful in doing just that.</P>

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