San Jose Residents, Learn About Opportunity Housing

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San Jose Residents: Learn about Opportunity Housing

Zoom events on 4/12, 4/15, and 4/22 at 6:30pm! These FREE ZOOM COMMUNITY MEETINGS will have a panel of City staff, a group opposing, and a group supporting the measure.

Get the Zoom registration links here:

San Jose SVGOP Members, Please attend all three meetings to support voices in opposition to this measure.


The San Jose General Plan 2040 (GP2040) is the blueprint of how San Jose will grow in the future. It currently allows for higher density development in strategic locations, while pledging to protect single- family-home neighborhoods. Last summer, the GP2040 task force decided to renege on this pledge, and rather voted to start the process of converting single-family houses into fourplexes “by right,” meaning no community meetings or hearings would be required, and a house could simply be demolished and a fourplex could be constructed in its place. Their proposal would be citywide and encompass all San Jose neighborhoods.

Despite massive opposition, the City of San José has not retired this woefully flawed proposal. They are hosting public hearings to gain community input and the council may vote later this spring or summer to adopt this measure. People who own their homes or rent in San Jose, make your voices heard. Consider whether higher density housing is the right thing for your neighborhood.

Action Alert

You may then want to let the Mayor and your Council member know your thoughts. To get your District number, visit and click Look Up Your District. Here is a sample message you may like to use:

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