Republicans are FOR Vaccines but AGAINST Vaccine Mandates

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Here in Santa Clara County we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the nation, if not the world – all WITHOUT a vaccine mandate. If you make vaccines available and accessible, and you give people the information they need, they will make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

This article gives very good points on all the reasons a free society does not FORCE Vaccines or Vaccine Passports –


Mandatory vaccination has no place in a free society. Public health policy should never be coercive and should always be participatory. The role of public health agencies is to provide the public with accurate information and respect individuals and communities to make their own decisions.

Either the vaccines work, delivering protection to the vaccinated and eliminating the claim that everyone needs to be vaccinated. Or the vaccines don’t work, and no one should get vaccinated, and certainly not coerced into getting vaccinated. On both counts, vaccine passports are a pointless “public health” tool that will undermine trust in the medical profession and vaccination programs.

If you vote for mandates, you are voting to divide people, by their vaccination status, you are voting for health discrimination, and you are directly going against protecting individual citizen rights, as dictated by our Constitution. And you are voting to push people out of Silicon Valley, and away from attending our events and businesses.

Our take?

No one is against people wearing masks if they want to – we are against mask mandates. No one is against receiving the vaccine if you want – we are against vaccine mandates. No one is against having more minority representation in schools/ boardrooms/ congress – we are against racial quota mandates. No one is against buying health insurance – we are against health insurance mandates.  We could go on. The left loves to use force – coercion – the power of the government to compel. Republicans believe that Freedom must trump security and safety in all but the most narrowly, constitutionally-defined aspects of our lives.

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