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Board & Commission Opportunities in Santa Clara County

You are never too old or too young to serve – Apply today!

Citizens who are retired typically have far more time to participate in local government than during their working years.  Many of the talents and experience gained from years of working bring expertise to local government.  Some boards and commissions actually address senior issues and specify that applicants must be senior citizens.

On the flip side, both Santa Clara County and many municipalities within our county have YOUTH COMMISSION opportunities for students entering grades 8 through 12.   These are great opportunities for upcoming Republicans to learn about local government issues.

Everyone living in Santa Clara County has two sources for opportunities to serve on boards and commissions:  Santa Clara County and their local municipality.

Please email with any questions.

Santa Clara County

Openings for both youth and seniors

Los Altos

Youth Commission openings, apply by April 14th

Los Altos Hills

Standing Committees Openings

Los Gatos

Major recruitment underway for Youth Commission.  Deadline to apply is April 30th


Morgan Hill

Mountain View

Recruiting for Youth Advisory Commission for 2021-2022 School Year

Vacancies on Senior Advisory Committee and other boards and commissions

San Jose

Vacancies including Senior Citizens Commission

Santa Clara

Taking applications now for 2021-2022 Youth Commission


Recruiting for Youth Commission for 2021-2022 and other openings


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