Newsom Recall Unanimously Endorsed by SVGOP

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Gavin’s Gotta Go

Support for the recall of failed Governor Gavin Newsom continues to grow, including in Santa Clara County. Now the Santa Clara County Republican Committee (aka the SVGOP) has officially endorsed the recall via a unanimous vote at its February meeting. Committee members cited Newsom’s singular litany of failures for why he needs to be recalled.

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Top Ten Gavin Newsom Fails

  1. Failed to establish a vaccine distribution system since he closed the state in March 2020.
  2. Highest unemployment in the nation.
  3. Some of the highest gas taxes and electricity prices in the nation.
  4. Highest poverty rate in the nation.
  5. Worst business climate in the nation.
  6. Failed unemployment system, where hundreds of thousands of Californians are still waiting for their unemployment check, while EDD paid out billions in fraudulent claims to prisoners.
  7. Told voters he would uphold the will of the voters and uphold the death penalty. He didn’t.
  8. Told residents he planned to end the failed High Speed Rail boondoggle. He didn’t.
  9. Told people to shelter at home and then violated his own order and partied at the French Laundry restaurant with lobbyists and friends.
  10. Sends his own kids to private school, while millions of California children in public schools have had their lives harmed – some permanently – by a year of lost opportunities.

Gavin Newsom’s California

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