Stand with In-N-Out Against Government Overreach

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Vaccine mandates are getting out of control, spreading to more and more parts of California. When people push back and refuse to let the government control their personal medical decisions, they are discriminated against.

And when good businesses, like In-N-Out, refuse to force their restaurant workers to become an enforcement arm for the government, they are either fined or shut down completely.

Friends – This is what tyranny looks like! 

The SVGOP fully supports In-N-Out in their refusal to become the “vaccination police” and we will continue speaking up for people’s inalienable right to choose the medical decisions that are right for their health and that of their families. We ask everyone to fight back against the one-size-fits-all authoritarians who wish to control individuals and businesses and keep us in a permanent state of panic.

We can’t allow the abuse of government power to continue spreading. Please stand with us and fight back against unconstitutional vaccine mandates and the spread of Big Government control over our lives. Join SVGOP and become an Associate Member today!

Help us protect liberty and opportunity for all!

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