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Alexander Glew

One Out of Every Five Californians Survives in Poverty

CA Poverty is Extensive One Out of Every Five On this week’s self-promotion media tour, Gavin Newsom seemed to gloss over the economic hardship that so many Californians are still dealing with as a result of his incompetence. The Mercury News shined a light on an unemployment crisis that continues to devastate California, noting unemployment claims jumped to their highest level in three months, with 145,400 filings last week. California accounted for 19.6% of the week’s jobless claims nationwide, or nearly one in five

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Happy Passover

Happy Passover 2021 To All Who Celebrate

“Let My People Go” Moses 1313 BCE The Silicon Valley GOP wishes our Jewish Community members a Chag Semeach on Passovev 2021. Passover is a celebration of religious freedom, something near and dear to the GOP. We wish Chag Sameach to everyone celebrating Pesach. Bashanah Habaa. Next year in Jerusalem. Sincerely,SVGOP Matzoh Unleavened bread because our bread did not have time to rise when we left Egyyt for freedom. Marror Bitter herbs to remind us of when we were slaves. Seder The traditional ordered

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