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The Democrat tax increase is tone-deaf to financially struggling Californians.

The Democrats destroyed the Republican gas tax holiday proposal and instead replaced it with an egregious tax increase. Disregarding that Californians are subject to record-high gas prices, California doubled down and further burdened its citizens with more taxes. A supermajority of Californians think that the gas taxes are causing them personal hardship.  The gas tax is regressive, harming the poor more than the middle class.

Tempers rose in the Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday, as lawmakers discussed Rocklin Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley’s AB 1638, a bill to suspend the state gas tax, amounting to approximately 51 cents per gallon.

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At the suggestion that Democrats hijacking the Republican tax holiday with a tax increase was an odious maneuver, Democrat Assemblywoman Laura Friedman brayed that “I’m a little appalled and shocked that you all are appalled and shocked by this.” Despite the survey, 72% of Americans support a temporary state tax holiday, the CA Democrats proceeded to do the contrary.

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