Attorney General Rob Bonta: A Gift to California’s Liberal Activists

No Socialism golf ball breaking glass.

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Gavin Newsom appointed one of the most liberal legislators in California to be the state’s newest Attorney General. 

No Socialism golf ball breaking glass.
Gov. Newsom’s new Attorney General Rob Bonta advocates for socialism.

Rob Bonta advocated for several progressive pieces of legislation while serving in the Assembly – raising taxes, cracking down on soda, allowing communists to work in the California government, and pushing the Green New Deal at the state level. 

On top of that, Rob Bonta has a record of being soft on crime, including a push to eliminate cash bail. 

“Gavin Newsom’s new Attorney General is all wrong for California. He may be tough on sugary drinks, but he’s soft on criminals, even pushing to end cash bail, which voters rejected. He is a loyal friend to the unions who have prevented students from going back to school. Needless to say, hard-working Californians who want their schools to be open and their streets to be safer will be sorely disappointed. It will go down as another failed decision by the worst governor in California history.”

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