Featured Activities

Here is a list of Action Alerts, Hot Topics, and News Items that we are tracking. Please help if you can.

Recall Gavin

We have until March 10th to collect signatures. If you haven’t already, please print the petition, sign it and mail it in.

Stop CRT

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is making their way into our schools. Let’s stop it here in Santa Clara County.

Black History Month

We are celebrating Black History Month on our Social Media. Check out our Facebook Page for weekly highlights.

Voice of Valley Survey

To help us with 2021 planning, give your input on the issues and priorities that are important to you.

Defend Free Speech

Read a worthwhile letter to Silicon Valley Employees from American military veterans. They explain why their solidarity with Silicon Valley ends with Big Tech’s embrace of censorship.

San Jose Housing

The powers that be in San Jose are about to gut zoning for Single Family Homes. Stay tuned for more info soon.

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