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AD 23 Tim Dec

I’ve lived in the bay area since 1983 and have been a resident of Mountain View since 2002.  After a career in Electrical Engineering, I retired from Apple and started a technology coaching business focused on helping seniors.  I’ve been active in a local Republican club SPARC GOP as a board member and Treasurer.

California’s super-majority legislative government produces inefficient and often ineffective policies.  As a center-right problem solver, I’ll challenge the status quo, bring new ideas, and work to find common-sense solutions across the aisle where possible. The overarching theme in all my work is rejecting the toxic political rhetoric that is all too common today in government and bringing California together for solutions.

More specifically, I will work to eliminate unnecessary spending and regulations, address homelessness and housing, implement sensible measures to preserve our environment and tackle climate change with market-based solutions.

AD 24 Bob Brunton

Bob Brunton the Commonsense Republican that has earned the support of many Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents because of his no nonsense positive future oriented plans and vision.


Private Sector Experience – Bob Brunton has 40 years of local business ownership experience in several fields such as electronics design and manufacturing, financial planning and Architectural design. He understands and respects the challenges of operating a business in our state.

Public Sector Experience – Bob Brunton has been elected three times and served 12 years as an Elected Member of the Ohlone College Board of Trustees. Bob Brunton has the best and most complete understanding of how to both improve education in California and Decrease Taxes.  Learn more at his website

Community Connection Experience – Bob Brunton has lived with his wife and children in the district for over 40 years. Bob has been involved in civic improvement in every city in the district

Vision – Bob Brunton is going to Sacramento to Repair our Broken State Government and Prepare our government for the Future. He knows how to improve our government and reduce taxes.

Leadership – Bob is ready on day one he will introduce legislation to make our government more accountable and transparent. His top priority is making California the Best it can be.

AD 25 Ted Stroll

To solve homelessness, we must reactivate in-patient care for street dwellers’ mental illnesses and drug addictions. Currently, the severely mentally ill can only be asked to volunteer for treatment, and if they refuse, as many do, they’re not treated, because state law makes it almost impossible. This must change.

Incumbents have been pushing legislation that would reduce the penalty for certain injury-causing muggings to the minor crime of a misdemeanor. I will oppose such efforts.

California universities accept tax money from parents whose last names are Chua, Nguyen, Williams, and Zúñiga. They should not look at those same names and accept or reject your children on the basis of them.

I’m moderate and pragmatic. No one has a monopoly on the truth, and polarization is wrecking politics. The Legislature does some things right, and when it does, I will vote for them, whether the sponsors have an R or a D after their names.

Spanish: Phone (669) 977-1073.

AD 26 Tim Gorsulowsky

Tim Gorsulowsky was raised in Shreveport, La. In 1987, after graduating from college, he moved to California to help his brother organize a new dermatology surgical practice.  He graduated in 1981 from Dallas Institute Of Mortuary Science, and in 1987 from East Texas Baptist University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business with continued education in the MBA program. While in California, the opportunity arose to open several companies to include security services companies in San Jose. Since this time, Tim has started numerous companies in California. Gorsulowsky serves on the Board of Directors of Honolulu Memorial Park and Kyoto Gardens in Honolulu, Hawaii.Tim’s purpose of seeking the Assembly seat is to assist in changing regulations and laws that are affecting California Residents with the growing criminal activity. Crime has increased to unprecedented levels in our State due to our current laws Prop. 47, and Judicial Deferment that have allowed criminals to walk free of prosecution. Tim will show proof that changing the laws will make the difference. There is not a person in California that is lacking in being affected by the growing crime.We now have a huge increase in daily crime, we do NOT need to accept this as business as usual. I WILL Fix the problem

AD 28 Liz Lawler

As a former Mayor, current Council Member of Monte Sereno and lifelong Californian, it is difficult to watch what years of poor decisions and unsuccessful policies have done to our state. Our K-12 public schools are failing our children, especially our most vulnerable. We have a housing crisis that continues to grow yet our legislators double down on policies that make it worse. Our residents need to feel safe in our communities, but recent “reforms” have led to sharp rises in crime and emboldened lawless behavior. The lack of transparency and accountability in Sacramento and the divisive rhetoric we’re bombarded with today has eroded our faith in our government.

It is time we elect pragmatic, common sense representatives who hold themselves accountable. We need leaders who are fiscally responsible and dedicated to representing constituents, not just themselves. 

What matters to you, matters to me.

AD 29 Stephanie Castro

My name is Stephanie L. Castro and I’m running for State Assembly, in district 29.  I am a former elementary and high school teacher that taught in the communities of Hollister, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and Salinas. I am a married mom of 3, a military and Eagle Scout mom as my oldest Eagle Scout son is serving in our United States Air Force.
I will be tough on crime and will be the one standing and fighting for safer communities, eliminating the gas tax and finding common sense solutions to protect you from further inflation woes.  I will fight for school choice and parental involvement in your children’s education. I want to see a better curriculum for schools, one that isn’t plagued with the controversial Critical Race Theory, which my opponent co-sponsored.
I believe in small limited government and feel that the overreach lately is way too much for our residents to have to endure.  I love my state and want to make a difference in your community and Sacramento for the better!

SD 10 Paul Pimentel

Paul grew up in California with his immigrant father, his mother, and 6 siblings. As children, they worked in the fields before school each day. He was taught early on the value of hard work, honesty, and the significance of strong family bonds.

Paul has been married for 44 years to his wife, Lori. They have 3 married children along with 6 beautiful grandchildren. Paul is the pastor of a successful church and owner of a flourishing telecommunications company. He has had the opportunity to live the American dream. He would like his grandchildren and future generations to be able to enjoy that dream also.

California’s ‘golden’ is diminishing quickly with rising crime, high taxes, and loss of businesses to other states.

Paul is running for CA District 10 State Senate because he loves this state and he knows there is hope for our future.

California District 10 includes the cities of Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont, Milpitas, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.

US Congress CA-16 Peter Ohtaki

Restore Opportunity, Freedom and Innovation

Russian invasion of Ukraine: it’s not too late to support and equip Ukrainian independence. Sanctions take time to have a deterrent effect. The U.S. and NATO should transfer donated Polish MiG-29s to enable Ukrainians to defend their airspace and humanitarian routes. 

America has always stood for freedom and opportunity. Might seem obvious, but these days they seem threatened.

  • The demise of single-family zoning and local control by Sacramento with the signing of SB9/10 into law. If elected, I’d propose the “Preservation of Neighborhoods, Local Control, and the American Dream Act”. As a former Mayor of Menlo Park, I’ve learned state unfunded housing mandates leave cities holding the bill for infrastructure improvements to schools and transit.
  • Rising inflation, as trillion-$ annual Federal deficits since 2008 have resulted in $30 trillion national debt that now exceeds our annual GDP. M2 has doubled since 2013. With an economics degree from Harvard and a Stanford MBA, I believe this level of debt is unsustainable.
  • Our Congressional representative should be fighting for billions from the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to relieve traffic congestion in Silicon Valley with grade crossings and cross-bay rail linking BART with Caltrain. Unbelievably, the Dept. of Labor is blocking transportation funding for California to overturn PEPRA pension reform. 
  • There’s a problem when “smash and grab” looting gets treated as misdemeanors and when elderly Asians are preyed upon.
  • New foreign policy challenges from Russia over Ukraine and China over Hong Kong and Taiwan cannot be ignored.


I can drive solutions in Congress that Silicon Valley residents can feel proud of. We deserve leadership that can change the dynamics of partisan gridlock in Washington, DC.

US Congress CA-17 Ritesh Tandon

About Ritesh Tandon

Indian American engineer and businessman

My grandfather Kanhaiyalal Tandon, fought for the independence of India.  Because of his experience, I grew up with an appreciation for the freedom we had. Too often, politicians take for granted the freedom we have here in America. They have no historical context and do not realize the gift that our forefathers gave us. As your Congressman, I will never forget the gift of liberty, nor will I eschew my role as your public servant. I would be honored to serve this community in Congress and proud to fight for you in Washington, D.C.

US Congress CA-18 Peter Hernandez

The Desire to Serve

 A love of God is a love of Country, a love of community, and therefore a love of family. The truth must be the reference point of all of our decision making. A public servant carries a burden to consider the long-term consequences of how decisions will affect the community.  The last couple of years have been extremely hard for our country, small businesses, farms, and families .  The heavy hand of government placing burdens on the people that they if in their shoes would not be able to lift themselves. 

This is why I have purposed in myself to represent those whose voices are not being heard by their government and to restore the dignity of the hard-working middle class.  

US Congress CA-19 Jeff Gorman

The Central Coast is spiraling downward because career politicians have their eyes on ambition, versus taking care of our region. They have failed in their leadership.Jeff Gorman, a local boy and professed child math geek, grew up to be a successful financial businessman and entrepreneur who knows how to fix big problems. Jeff worked his way through college, holds 2 degrees and various security licenses.

He’s running for Congress on the Central Coast to save California.

His passion is to balance the Central Coast and California once again, get rid of big name politicians and insiders who look out for their own interests, and not those of the average Californian. He stands by his principles and he gets results on our real issues that hit our families, children and veterans.Jeff understands what it takes to make big changes. Consistency and hard work. Open forums. And a soul on the correct path in life.

CA Board of Equalization Peter Verbica

Peter Coe Verbica, JD, CFP®

Values You Believe In

A New, More Inclusive CAGOP 

Peter understands that Californians want good-paying jobs, safe neighborhoods, housing for teachers and first responders, and high-quality schools.

Former President of CCR, Peter Coe Verbica is part of the new, inclusive CAGOP — led by the accomplished Latina, Jessica Patterson.  

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