Shane Patrick Connolly, Chair
All Activities of the County Committee

Benson Yeung, Vice-Chair
Acts for the Chairman in his absence
Reviews and approves written communication to constituents.

Roger Riffenburgh, Secretary
Official Party Records

Jim Russell, Treasurer
All fiscal matters: Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
Budget Allocations – Budget Obligations
Expenditure – Authorizations
Reports to Government

Benson Yeung, Finance Chair
Leads the fundraising efforts of SVGOP

Lisa Marshik, Events Chair
Directs the planning and coordination for SVGOP events 

Luis Buhler, Partisan Office Candidate Recruitment Chair 
Leads the efforts to recruit candidates for partisan offices

Helen Wang, Asian Community Outreach Committee Chair
Leads outreach to and inclusion of the Asian American community

Mary Do, Neighborhood Outreach (Precinct) Chair
Michele Dexter, Co-Chair
Recruits neighborhood leaders, organizes precinct program and walks

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